Next Healthy Community Event: May 17th 9-11 AM

Get ready! We’re going to weigh in and see how we’re doing on our Milpas 1000 Challenge! We’re bringing in Tri County Produce to introduce you to healthy, fresh organic produce and great eating. The Milpas Chiropractic team will be on hand to see if you need any adjustments. The Milpas Moves! free workout this month is weight training – provided by the Montecito Family YMCA! Don’t miss it!


A Healthy Milpas Community is Coming!

Starting this Saturday, at 9 AM at the Milpas McDonald’s! We’re signing up to lose 1,000 pounds as a community in the Milpas 1000 Challenge. Lose 10 pounds in 2 months, get entered into a raffle contest where you can win a brand new bike, gifts from Tri County Produce, Fresh and Easy, Fresh Market, and more! We’re also working out as a community – this month, we’re doing Zumba, thanks to Casa De La Raza! So come on out! Call 805 636 0475 for more info or to sign up early!Let's Move Milpas!so w

Helping out in a time of crisis

On February 28th, John Palminteri reported that a family and two tenants were burned out of their home at 1113 Carpinteria St. We asked our community to help them in this time of need. The Red Cross asked that the house be secured with plywood, and requested bedding and food to help the family and newly homeless tenants.

IMG_4427So we put out the call to our neighborhood. And the response was overwhelming! The phone started ringing, and people stepped up all over this community. Within 2 hours, we had bed linens from the Fess Parker in hand, $50 gift cards from the Shop Cafe and Tri County Produce, Santa Barbara Plumbing offered the plywood, and Giffin and Crane was hustling to the house to help board it up and protect the contents. Jack’s Bistro wanted to send bagels over, and Sal’s Pizza, El Bajio and McDonald’s offered to feed the family dinner. Residential neighbors offered clothes, pots, and all kinds of help. Another neighbor dropped off a $50 gift card from Trader Joe’s.

The Red Cross, dispatched to help the family, was stunned. They said they wanted to live in this neighborhood! Thank you so much to this community for stepping up to help a neighbor in need!

Special shout-outs to everyone that pitched in:
Giffin and Crane
Tri County Produce
Sal’s Pizza
Jack’s Bistro
The Shop Café
The Fess Parker Doubletree Resort
Santa Barbara Plumbing
Capitol Hardware
Nathalia Giovanni
Cheri Rae
Chris and Natasha
Sue Burke
Sue DeCoste
Anne Rojas
Maria Hernandez
MaryGrace Monteleone