In the next few weeks there will be signs that will be put up on every intersection on Milpas St. in English and in Spanish addressing the non-smoking laws.

From the “City of Santa Barbara” website.

The City Council adopted a new law designating public areas smoke-free to provide a healthy, family-friendly, and clean environment for residents and visitors. Smoke-free outdoor areas will reduce cigarette butt litter, lower the risk of fires, and limit public exposure to secondhand smoke. Smoking is prohibited in the following outdoor public areas:

  • Parks, including sports fields, open spaces, and trails
  • Beaches
  • Sidewalks and paseos citywide in commercial and residential areas
  • City parking structures and lots
  • Stearns Wharf
  • Outdoor restaurant patios before 10:00 p.m.
  • Outdoor recreational areas, sports facilities, community centers, and library plazas
  • Events open to the public such as public markets, parades, festivals, art shows, and concerts
  • Bus stops and ticket areas

In addition to the local law, all state laws regarding smoking, including the prohibition against smoking in places of employment is in effect. Smoking is defined to include tobacco, marijuana, and electronic vaping devices. In terms of enforcement, personal responsibility and voluntary compliance will be emphasized to encourage the public to adhere to smoking laws or ask the nearby smoker or business owner for their help to extinguish smoking material.


The City of Santa Barbara is resuming sign enforcement.  There are 80 pending complaints (Milpas, Upper and Lower State St.).  Please be aware that there will be enforcement code officers walking Milaps St. to check for signs that are illegal.


There are two hotels that are being proposed to be constructed and developed on Milpas St. If you want more information you can look at the city website

Milpas Community Updates- May 2018