Last week, several businesses received the following flyer, with Deborah Schwartz campaign materials, from an organization that does not exist, but LOOKS and SOUNDS like the Milpas Community Association:

The language in the flyer is meant to make you think this is from the MCA, and tries to capitalize on the hard work we have all done in this community to make the Milpas corridor a safe place for everyone. Do not be fooled! This group has no website, and we can find no record of their existence. It’s therefore a campaign tactic meant to confuse voters.

While it’s irritating that a campaign would try to fool voters this way, we know where this is coming from. A recent poll indicates 38% of likely voters would take the MCA’s recommendation ‘very seriously’ in deciding how to vote. Clearly, this campaign is trying to capitalize on that poll’s information.

To be clear, this did NOT come from the MCA, and we have NOT endorsed Deborah Schwartz.

Campaign Attempts to Confuse Eastside Voters

2 thoughts on “Campaign Attempts to Confuse Eastside Voters

  • October 4, 2011 at 5:41 am

    I don’t think its confusing to voters that 2 candidates care for the roughly the same neighborhood. The MCA doesn’t represent the Riveria ( the Riveria Association does ) If you want to point fingers about confusing people, you may want to change the main photo on your web site. A photo of Cabrillo Blvd, by no means represents the Milpas Community ( yes, i know Milpas St. meets Cabrillo, but the community you represent is the businesses all along the corridor and neighborhoods, not the bike path, wharf or hotel row )

  • October 4, 2011 at 8:57 pm

    Mason, I think you missed the point. The MCA never claimed to represent the Riviera. We’ve been in existence for a year and have done a lot of work in the Milpas area, from Salinas, to points west of Milpas. We’re open to everyone, and have members on the Westside even! BUT, the Milpas-Riviera co-op doesn’t have a website or a listing, and hand-dropped these letters to Milpas businesses, who then called the MCA and said what is this, and why are you endorsing this candidate? It wasn’t us. Thus the post. We’d like it if EVERY candidate and city councilmember cared about the area!
    Photo note…noted.

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