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Alan Bleecker, Boardmember, Capitol Hardware
Alan Bleecker has unbelievable passion for this community. Founding director of the Milpas Community Association, President from our inception in 2010 until 2016, featured on the cover of the Pacific Coast Business Times, and winner of Santa Barbara’s Spirit of Service Award 2014, Alan has shown tireless and fearless leadership in this community. Resurrecting the historic Milpas Holiday Parade was only his first step. Enthusiastic and determined, he is very focused on the Milpas Outreach Project to help move chronically homeless individuals into housing  - a first of its kind project in Santa Barbara. Alan provided employment to a chronically homeless individual and paid for his detox as part of wrapping our community’s arms around those most in need. Alan puts in enormous time with the MCA, and is very hands-on. We particularly enjoy Alan’s Halloween costumes! Be sure to stop by Capitol Hardware for your free ice cream cone and a neighborhood chat with Alan!

Bea Headshot   Bea at tree
Bea Molina, MCA President, Visiting Nurses and Hospice Association
Winner of the 2014 Volunteer of the Year Award, Bea grew up on the Eastside, and is a founding member of the Milpas Community Association. She also serves on LEON, an organization dedicated to senior citizens. Bea works unceasingly on community issues, particularly those concerning senior citizens and youth. She is also a member of Las Abuelitas, an organization focused on preventing youth violence. A consistent team player on the MCA events team, she helps produce the Milpas Holiday Parade, the Taste of Milpas, candidate forums, and many other MCA neighborhood events. She’s also administering our grants for the Yes We Can! Project (to turn our trash cans into public art pieces!)


John shot  John bike
John Dixon, Boardmember, Tri-County Produce
A longtime Milpas business since the mid 1980’s, Tri County embodies health, with the freshest produce in the city, and an array of healthy-lifestyle products. They also have a fantastic wine selection, one of the best in Santa Barbara. John is the biggest heart in the Milpas Community Association, and ‘gives till it hurts’. For example, he gives away new bikes and helmets to neighborhood children at they EyeGlass Factory’s annual Kids’ Day event in December. He donates generously to this community, and serves on the board of PAL, the Zoo, and Casa Esperanza. At every neighborhood clean-up, John is out there first thing in the morning, supplying all the fresh-squeezed juices and fruit the volunteers could ever need to get energized for the task. John was also one of the leaders that brought the holiday lights back to Milpas, and is a founding board member of the Milpas Community Association.


julianna  Julianna and Santos
Julianna Reichard, Boardmember, Habit Burger Grill
Julianna is one of the founding members of the Milpas Community Association, and has the best head for detail on the board. She is the genius behind our holiday and special event parties – they’re the best! Who else can make the Old Milpas Post Office magical for a night? This woman can organize and she likes things sparkly clean! She’s also pretty darned good at finance and accounting. The Habit has a habit of giving continuously and generously to this community, and we’re honored to have her on our board.


Martha Jaime, Boardmember, Eastside Resident

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Mary Robles, Boardmember, Eastside Resident

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Natasha Todorovic, MCA Secretary, Eastside Resident

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Let there be lights  Santos on the tree
Santos Guzman, Boardmember, El Bajio Taqueria. “Santos Claus”. Santos Guzman is a longtime Milpas family business owner of 18 years. Winner of the 2013 Menudo Festival and featured in Forbes and The New York Times, El Bajio is well known for its delicious Mexican cuisine. Santos led the effort to return the holiday lights to Milpas, and was one of the major engineers of the Taste of Milpas on Eat Street, an event in which he also starred as one of the most popular stops on the Taste route. He decorated the holiday tree in the Milpas roundabout by fearlessly scaling up a very tall ladder! He loves making the holidays bright and special in this community. We love his cooking, so we’re happy he loves bringing his amazing food to all our events!


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Ernie Lopez, MCA Treasurer, General Manager, Rabobank
Ernie grew up on the Eastside, and wants to give back to this community. Rabobank is a founding member of the Milpas Community Association, and under Ernie’s leadership, continues to provide key sponsorship of the Taste of Milpas and the Milpas Holiday Parade. Ernie delights in getting involved with this community, and is eager to host our first community toy giveaway this holiday season at Rabobank for our neighborhood’s children.
Honorary Board Members
Sue Burk, Eucalyptus Hill Neighborhood Association
Sue hails from this adjacent neighborhood to the Eastside, and connected our neighborhood associations to collaborate to both our benefits. She’s one of our top volunteers, and single-handedly manned an entire section of the Taste of Milpas. She repeatedly joins Eastside advocacy efforts, and offers her assistance to our community freely.



Bruce Giffin, Giffin and Crane
Our ‘gravelly voice of reason’, Bruce Giffin is one of our founding board members, and a rock in this community. At our first community clean-up, he led a city councilman and resident volunteers into the overgrown vegetation around the 101 for a major clean-out. When an Eastside family was burned out of their home in February 2014, Bruce dispatched a construction team inside of an hour to help secure the home. Bruce is very supportive of the Milpas Community Association, and has been one of our strongest team players. He often has deep insights that are very constructive. He also serves on the board of Elings Park, and will likely play a strong advisory role in the creation of our Design District.

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