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A Business Improvement District is where businesses within an identified geographic district decide to assess themselves in order to provide enhanced services that the city does not provide. BIDs exist across the US to improve district appearance and cleanliness, provide events and promotions that attract new patrons to the business district, and ensure the district is represented with local government.

Here’s what the Eastside Business Improvement District would provide to businesses in our area:

  • Cleaning: graffiti abatement and litter pick up
  • Holiday themed events and decorations.
  • Promotion to encourage patrons to visit the area.
  • Cultural events to attract visitors to the district.
  • Help with resolving parking congestion

The EBID annual fees are reasonable, and structured to be fairly flat.

To form a Business Improvement District, a majority of businesses within the geographical area sign a petition to agree to assess themselves to be able to provide enhanced services like sidewalk cleaning and graffiti removal to themselves as a district. The funds for these services are paid for by merchants, and the merchants control where these funds are spent. BID = putting Business In the Driver’s seat.

Once formed, businesses within the EBID would stand for election for the board, and the EBID board would decide on the services to be provided.

The EBID expires in 5 years, as a first-time formation under California law. If it is the will of the businesses in the EBID to renew it, we must go through the petition and formation process all over again.

Only businesses within the district are assessed. Residents, landlords, and rental homes that happen to be within the district boundaries are not assessed.

If you would like to learn more or be involved, please email or call 636-0475.

To see the full district management plan: click here: Eastside Business Improvement District Management Plan 1_9_15

Sign the petition! To support creation of the business improvement district, please download the EBID Petition and call (805) 636-0475 for pick-up or drop it off to Alan Bleecker at Capitol Hardware at 711 N Milpas St.

For a brochure with more information about the business improvement district, please click here: BID Brochure

Get the truth! Read the EBID Facts vs misrepresentation.

Para Espanol:  BID Folleto         Mentiras v Verdades

Great TV interview on Ernie Saloman with Bea Molina discussing the Eastside Business Improvement District.

Curious about how other Business Improvement Districts have done with a merchant-based model? Read about a great one here.

Read comments from people who support the proposed district here.

We’d love to talk with you about the proposal and welcome your thoughts and concerns! Let us know a good time to meet with you. Please call 805 636 0475 or email so we can set up a meeting to present the proposal to you.



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