What are the goals of the MCA?

1. Build neighborhood unity by working together, residents and businesses.

2. Increase public safety

o Partner with our police beat coordinators.
o Obtain increased enforcement presence and faster response times in the area.

3. Improve the area. Beautification is a proven crime deterrent

o Put together neighborhood cleanup days
o Distribute graffiti kits to our neighbors
o Transform Cabrillo ball-field into a vibrant recreational area

5. Put on family-friendly community events everyone can enjoy, such as the Milpas Christmas parade

Why is the MCA forming?

It’s the simple concept of civic engagement: citizens coming together to address problems as a community.

We look forward to being part of that solution.

Company Overview:
WHAT is MCA?We’re composed of residents, business owners, schools and non-profits that seek to improve the quality of life here in the Milpas corridor. We want a healthy, safe neighborhood where everyone can live, work, play, and prosper. The Milpas corridor is lined with vibrant and essential businesses frequented by locals and tourists alike. We’re blessed with parks, beachfront and the zoo, and are home to 4 schools that educate children from pre-school all the way through 12th grade.